Karma Yogi Procedures

As many of you have noticed the DiviniTree family is coming together to help take this sacred space to another level of comfort and professionalism so we can continue to expand our reach and offerings. By working together we can make tasks easier and focus more on the energy of the space and our teachings. A fundamental aspect to this community are the Karma Yogis (worktrader). This structure allows teachers to get a larger percentage of the class as well as make sure that everyone can take yoga, regardless of their finances, with a healthy energy exchange. When working well this structure is strong and provides many layers of support for the teachers and community. When not working well, it creates disappointment and frustration. Lets choose to Thrive!

To do this, please take note of your responsibilities as a teacher with managing the Karma Yogis.

1)   If your Karma Yogis is not there contact the manager immediately . Call or send a text message.

  1.     If you have the time you can also try to contact the Karma Yogi directly.
  2.     Sign in the class yourself and ask the first Karma Yogi or teacher who comes to class to take over sign-in for you. (Lets work as a community here). Kindly lay down their mat for them, and let them know where they will be. An extra thank you goes a long way here too.

2)   Karma Yogis are not supposed to take class during their shift. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with them directly then simply let the manager know. (There is an exception for example 1.b)

3)   After class double check the class numbers in the system with your personal count (and that its under your name). If the Karma Yogi forgets to put the whiteboard in the room just open the door and give them a friendly reminder. 

4)   Let the manager and I know the good and bad. We are not here to punish people, but we do want to make sure that the check-in, and the front area, run smoothly. You are our eyes and ears.

5)   Work as a team. If the class before was a little extra dirty, have clients wait outside while you do a quick sweeping. Or, have the Karma Yogi do it while you check people in and get to know names better.

6)  Make sure any subs you have are familiar with these procedures and expectations.

7)   Lastly, but most importantly, get to know your Karma Yogi. Know their name. Know something unique about them. Get their number and ask them to let you know if they will be running late along with Ray. Our Team is awesome and we have some very wonderful, fun people on board. They are here to learn yoga, which you know well, so see what advice and direction you can give them so they can meet their potential.